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Institutiones Administrationis

Volume 1. (2021) - No. 1

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Articles in this issue

  • Gábor Hulkó – András Lapsánszky: Institutiones Administrationis - Journal of Administrative Sciences, First Issue, Editorial
  • Márta Benyusz – Gábor Hulkó: Regulation of social media's public law liability in the Visegrad States
  • Mariusz Charkiewicz: Taxation of novel tobacco products with excise duty
  • Lilla Garayová: The Supreme Administrative Court of the Slovak Republic – the First Step Towards a Modern Justice System
  • István Hoffman: Opportunities for central (regional) government to intervene in decisions and operations of local governments in Hungary
  • András Lapsánszky: Communications as a networked public service – What is left of public service in a liberalised competitive market?
  • András Patyi: Rifts and deficits – lessons of the historical model of Hungary’s administrative justice
  • Lukáš Potěšil: Restriction of access to the Supreme Administrative Court to reduce its burden (via expanding the institution of inadmissibility of a cassation complaint in the Czech Republic)
  • Ewelina Bobrus-Nowinska: Impact of Anti-Crisis Shield on the running of the limitation period for tax liabilities in Poland
  • Terezie Boková – Radislav Bražina: Expulsion of aliens, non-refoulement and issues related to (administrative) discretion
  • Sofian Bouhlel: Role of Hungarian Local Governance in Responding to COVID-19 Crisis
  • Romana Buzková – Nikol Nevečeřalová: EU financial assistance during COVID-19 pandemic: Are loans the solution?
  • Karin Cakoci – Karolína Červená: Creation of VAT in the modern history of Slovakia
  • Jan Neckář – Martina Vavříková: The Remission of Tax Sanctions in Correlation with the Current Pandemic
  • Urszula K. Zawadzka-Pąk: Values of Good, Truth, and Love in Participatory Budgeting in Poland
  • Péter Bálint Király: Review of Administrative Law - The Theory and Operation of Special Public Administration

About us

Institutiones Administrationis - Journal of Administrative Sciences is published electronically twice a year (in June and November). Its predecessor was an English-language international journal of public administration, the study of governance and public financing entitled “Public Governance, Administration and Finances Law Review”, founded by the editors-in-chief, edited and published by Wolters Kluwer Hungary Kft., and first appearing in 2016. One important aspect in establishing this journal was to further strengthen the extensive international cooperation established and operated under the auspices of the PGAF, especially among the countries of the Visegrad Group, to broaden support and institutional interest, and to focus the journal’s range of disciplines exclusively on the public administration discipline in the broader sense.

The journal’s primary objective is to become both a top quartile international journal of the highest scientific and professional quality and rank, and, based on its CEE collaboration, a dominant international scholarly forum, one that is open to high-quality scientific publications, professional discourse and debate, synthesising scientific opinions, and comparative research from all over the world. Although the journal is international, special emphasis is still placed on developing and strengthening the scientific, educational and research relations of the Visegrád countries. The journal only publishes manuscripts that were previously unpublished and present original and thorough research findings. All published articles are subject to a double-blind peer-review and peer-editing process. In publishing the articles, the journal is committed to adhering to the directives and core practices of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The final website for the journal is still under development, and it is expected to be ready by the time of the publication of the second issue in November, with a publishing system that will follow the Open Journal System. The website will be available at the domain